Attention College Students

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If you are still in school we have some very good news! We're very much aware that college kids are normally working with very limited resources.

At Shirts on Steroids Columbia Mo. we are always looking for a way to network and cross promote with fraternities and sororities. we can offer solutions to offset your shoestring budget when it comes to all your screen printing and embroidery requirements.

It has been our experience that college kids have very limited resources accompanied by unlimited creativity, energy, and enthusiasm.

There is no limit to how far they can go if given the right direction, accompanied with a little help towards making their dollars go as far as they possibly can.

We have a real passion for creative networking and cross promoting. We're well aware that there is potentially great power in working together with a collective effort given the right plan of action.

Remember us the next time you are considering acquiring screen printing on T-shirts or custom embroidery on any type of apparel whether it's for corporate wear, team uniforms for your softball league, or just tee shirts for your upcoming family reunion.

We might even see what we can do as a partial sponsor?

Would you mind if we put our logo discreetly on the back of your tee shirt? How about a sleeve?

Maybe, you would be open to letting us hang a banner at your next event?

The possibilities are endless. These are all factors that we would take into consideration when preparing your custom quote.

We are so confident that we will be able to provide you with the best overall value for your money, that we recommend going out and acquiring at least three other competitive bids.

This way you can compare apples to apples and go with the best overall value.

How can you fully appreciate what we are presenting unless you have something else to compare it to?

We have been meeting the needs of college students for their T-shirts requirements for many years. We are confident that we have the right techniques and strategies to stretch your limited resources as far as they can possibly go.

We will work towards creating a scenario where you are as comfortable acquiring your t shirt printing from us as we are manufacturing them for you.

Give us a call and discuss the possibilities with one of our seasoned T-shirt printing and custom embroidery experts.

We consider ourselves to be your best choice for custom embroidery and custom screen printing in the Columbia, Missouri area.