Screen Printing

This website is owned and operated by Sunburst logo LLC.

This company caters to the T-shirt requirements of prominent businesses and organizations throughout Columbia, Missouri. The majority of most screen printing projects share many things in common, but yet every job we take on is unique unto itself. This is why we do not have an automatic bidding tool on our website. We believe that communication is paramount when trying to put together a scenario where you are going to be as comfortable having us produce your product as we are processing it for you. The more we know about you and what you are trying to accomplish, the better chance we have of coming up with solutions along with a plan of action that is going to be equally good for everybody involved. When it comes to processing your order we approach each job with the same exact protocol regardless the amount of T-shirts involved or whatever dollar amount that you are spending. It's our hope to put together a bid geared towards coming to an arrangement that will be equally beneficial for everyone involved. This means coming to terms where you are as comfortable acquiring your T-shirts from us, as we are producing them for you.

We realize the importance repeat customers along with good referrals. This means that in order to make you a repeat customer, we have to first make you a first-time customer. Once the job is started, it is time to impress you. We do this by delivering a superior product on time. Once this confidence level has been established and the initial order has come to fruition, then the repeat orders, along with the good referrals, will take care of themselves.

We process each order with the same system of checks and balances throughout the entire production process. The first step in this process is to present you with a virtual sample of your artwork on whatever color T-shirt you may have picked out. In this way, if the virtual proof needs to be redone, it is not a huge deal at that point. This helps to ensure that everything is spelled correctly and laid out according to your liking well before you open up a box of completed T-shirts.

We feel that our strongest attribute is our ability to bend without breaking - in a word flexible. When putting together a custom quote for our customers, we do not have a set way of doing things. This could also potentially include the potential of creative payment arrangements in order to comply with our customer's cash flow restraints. This flexible approach has proven itself to be the difference when it comes to initially earning your business.

When you're looking to acquire T-shirts or sweatshirts from a Columbia Mo. screen printing website, you should give us an opportunity to at least put together a custom quote geared towards earning us the opportunity to work with you. Our approach is simple - we offer you a great price for an excellent product. We strongly suggest that you compare our quote to at least two other screen printing companies in the Columbia, Missouri area.