Digital Inkjet T-Shirts

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When shopping for custom embroidery and screen printing in the Columbia MO., area we realize you have many choices. Technology has played a significant role throughout every single sector of our economy and the T-shirt industry is no exception. Digital inkjet application will often provide a cost-effective solution when catering to small numbers such as 12 units at a time and when there is a lot of different colors in the image.

A typical screen printing application will require color separations. The more colors that the image is composed of the more complicated the job becomes. Each color has to be pulled out from the other. Every color in the image will have its own individual film. When all the films are laid on top of each other, every piece of film must line up perfectly in order to lend itself to proper registration.

This conventional way of screen printing mandates the same exact amount of work in order to set a job up regardless of the size of the job. An inkjet application significantly simplifies the process. It doesn't require setting up any color separations or any films and it also eliminates cleaning out the ink when the job is completed.

Think of a common digital printer. But instead of feeding it a piece of paper, you feed it tee shirts. Instead of using a plastic-based ink, this process uses a water-based product. Traditional silkscreen ink will sit on top of the shirt while a water-based material will actually soak into the fibers of the shirt and become one with it. This results not only in a very soft to the touch and feel, but it will usually out last the traditional method. This inkjet application will not only last every bit as long as the traditional screen printing method, but lend itself to a much softer feel.

How long the image lasts on the T-shirt is dependent on many different variables ranging from how often you wear the garment, to how often you wash it. We highly encourage our customers to use a laundry detergent that doesn't contain bleach. We would also recommend that you turn your T-shirt inside out before you wash it. If you take these measures, then you can normally expect the image to last every bit as long as the garment itself.

We would be more than happy to provide you with some examples that we have done for other customers. This way you can pick it up and feel it and determine whether or not you like it?

This is definitely the preferred method if you are looking to reproduce a photograph onto your tee shirt. The cost for this type of application will be determined by the amount of units that we will be applying the image to. We insist that you e-mail us your image before we submit a quote in order to make sure that the artwork lends itself to a quality initial product.

When quoting your job, we will try to come up with an arrangement where you are as comfortable acquiring your T-shirts from us as we are making them for you. Putting an order together is as easy as just e-mailing over your image. Keep in mind that the finished product will never be any better than the artwork that it originated from. If it is low resolution, then the quality of the finished product will be compromised. If your image starts out blurry and it is only four inches tall, it is only going to distort when you make it larger.

This is the best way to tell if your image is clean enough to give you a great finished product. Just print it out on a white clean 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. If it looks good on paper, then it is going to look good on the shirt. 300 dpi resolution is considered optimal.

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