Shirts On Steroids Columbia MO Testimonials

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I was informed three days before my event that my committee had appointed me in charge of acquiring our T-shirts. My dilemma was obvious. Where am I going to find me screen printing company who can provide 350 tee shirts with a a two-sided application with less than a three day turnaround?

The first thing I did was start surfing the Internet for a Columbia Mo. based silkscreen company. I stumbled upon T-shirts On Steroids. Their website was easy to navigate, along with a catalog of over 2000 different options of apparel. I filled out their free quote request and had received a quote within 20 minutes of being submitted. What's more, their prices were more than competitive.

I appreciated them taking the extra time to send me a virtual proof of the image before they ever took it to press. They told me that if they hardly had time to do the job initially, then how in the world would they ever find time to do it over again? They walked me through the entire process, starting with submitting the artwork, to delivering my shirts to my Columbia, Missouri based venue free of charge.

I procrastinated far too long to put my order together and I had a convention coming up in the next four days. I didn't even have my art work together. I seriously had my doubts that I was going to find a company who could deliver these tee shirts within that small of a time frame.

When I called these guys, they told me not to worry. They informed me that they cater to this kind of scenario on a weekly basis and that this was just par for the course. They assured me that they would do everything within their power in order to make sure that we receive our product on time and looking good!

Well as it turned out, I should not have been concerned. These guys jumped through all kinds of hoops in order make us look good. We will definitely use them again.

My firm needed T-shirts for an upcoming event and we had no idea where to even start looking.

These guys took the ball and ran with it! Their art department helped to establish our graphics as well as walked us through the entire process, starting with how to process the down payment using PayPal to delivering the completed order right to our front door.

Not only did we receive our order on time, but it also looked great while at the same time staying within our budget limitations.

I actually enjoy the challenge of trying to find the best overall value available. My cave exploring club was wanting to acquire some nice looking hats with some custom embroidery across the side of the cap. After spending about 15 min. on the phone with Mike, he not only provided me with a quote, but he also suggested that I call three of his competitors in the Columbia Mo. area in order to compare his quote.

He told me, "How would I know that I am getting the best overall value possible unless I had something else to compare it to?". I took him up on his advice and turns out they were the best overall value, so I gave them a chance. They not only gave me the best pricing, but they followed through with everything they promised. My order was completed on time and looked great! We will certainly use them again.

I own a small company that operates on a very tight budget. Image is very important to us, so we wanted to acquire some nice looking moisture absorbing golf shirts with some embroidery on the left chest for a price that wasn't going to blow through our entire budget for the year. We only needed 24 pieces, but you would've thought we were their most important client. They gave our order the same respect and attention to detail as if we were a Fortune 500 company.

I spoke directly to the owner (Mike) and he explained to me that if this company could prove themselves to be faithful in the little things, then it was his hope that larger requirements would come down the road later.

I'll remember that! I appreciate a guy with vision.

I consider myself just like anyone else who was trying to get the best overall value for every dollar spent. Mike didn't just give me a quote regarding what I asked him for, he offered me 24 additional T-shirts as a courtesy. None of the other screen printing company volunteered to do that, so I thought I would give them the job. As things turned out, I was glad that I did. They gave me everything I asked for and more.

They took the additional time to send me a virtual proof of my image before they ever applied it to any of the garments. Then they actually provided me with a finish sew out for my approval. The last company I used for my embroidery didn't do that. They said that when I go to open the box, that is not the time to ask me how I like them. At that point they are completed. That is what sold me.

This was my first time ordering screen printing and they couldn't have made it any easier. Their knowledgeable staff helped to educate me of all my potential options and walked me through the entire process from start to finish. I didn't even have to come and get them. We did the entire ordering process online and they even provided me with free delivery directly to my door. The bottom line was that I ended up getting my order on time and looking great.